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A few months ago we set record-breaking numbers releasing a don-for-you sales funnel.

This funnel has generated our customers thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions and has been reigned as "one of the most brilliantly put together funnels ever to be released to the public!" did exactly what an effective sales funnel is supposed to - gather leads, and convert those leads into buyers.

And it did it flawlessly!

The second we put it out on the market it grew a life of it's own and in just a couple short weeks...


It was backed by "gurus" and millionaire
markets like Daniel Tan who knew
first-hand how much of an easy
cash machine it was..

Heck, we had even impressed all of the blackhat communities (even though what we were doing was 100% whitehat and ethical)

It even gotten to a point where a few solo vendors were rejecting promoting our sales funnel because they were using it for themselves!

And just as it began to really take off and gain attention from HUGE, big-time marketers...

We Permanently Shut It Down!

Just like that, NO ONE was able to get access to it anymore.

We closed the thread and removed all the buy now links.


Don't get me wrong, we loved the sales, but the demand for this product was FAR BEYOND what we ever have predicted!

...even today, the demand is still insane!

We literally get dozens of emails of day from people begging for it to become available again and we have over 2,000 "ready to buy" leads on our waiting list!

And that number is consistently going up by the hour!

If we opened the doors again only HALF of the those people bought, we'd have an easy $27,000 payday and that's not including the upsales and OTO's!

That's what happens when you put together a quality product and overdeliver.

The buzz for this product was unlike anything out there because it does one important thing...

You know, the thing that most "products" fail to do...

It actually makes people money!

...and we personally use it to this day to make over $3,000 a month in easy and passive Clickbank commissions!

So the closing of our offer was more geared to protect us and our customers who where already making money. Especially being that we don't create products for a living, we actually implement and live off the sales funnels taht we put together.

But things have changed, in your favor...

You see, ove the last few weeks we have been completely reconstructing this sales funnel from the ground up.
  • Every pixel throughout the entire funnel has all been retested...

  • Headlines have been changed for higher conversions.

  • The squeeze page has been ripped apart by million dollar copywriters.

  • OTO pages and upsales have been reconstructed and mastered.

We went back the drawing board and completely revamped the entire funnel...

It's now even bigger, Badder and converts better than ever before!
 ...and we're giving you the rights to sell it! 


Instead of keeping this highly anticipated product to ourselves, we want to give you a piece of the action!

Here's your opportunity to cash in on one the most sough-after sales funnels to ever be publicy released.

We've done all of the work of building the buzz for you.. and we generated over $24,697 sales to prove it... Now it's YOUR TURN to cash in with it!

To be honest, whether you're selling this sales funnel or using it yourself, it'd be hard not to make money with it.

And we're giving you EVERYTHING you need to do it.
Here's what you're getting...

  • 2 High-Converting Video Sales-Page Design!
    This is new, improved version of the original sqeeze-sales page with a much higher conversion rate! e tested this thing to death and is guaranteed to deliver solid results. Demo Salespage: With Squeeze | Without Squeeze.

  • A High-Converting Squeeze Page Design
    Capturing leads is a great way to see results in you online business. A custom / modern "video" squeeze page style desing makes it easy to get more leads and produce results. Demo: Squeeze Page.

  • 2 Affiliate OTO Pages
    We've mastered the backend of this funnel. We're supplying you with 2 high converting OTOs to turn your visitors into some easy CB or JVZoo or W+ (whatever you want) commissions! Demo: Affiliate OTO 01 and Affiliate OTO 02.

  • Thank You Page
    This is where the other half of "magic" happens. This pages gives your subscribers their free report and promote 5 more premium clickbank products for even more commissions. Demo: Thank You Page

  • 2 Give Away Report
    This is the report that you used to bribe people to signup to your list. You'll get 2 free reports which comes with docx and pdf, so you can customize it as your own.

  • 11-Day Autoresponder Series
    To keep your passive income, you'll get a two-week autoresponder series that both educates and promotes more relevant niches to your list.

  • A Free Guide
    We have your back with our free guide to help you setting this thing up, we won't leave you hanging.

We literally made it copy and paste simple for anyone to sell or optin any product... Even if you're never sold anything in your life!

Everything is strategically laid out for you to have everything setup and collecting orders in 30 minutes flat...

It doesn't get much easier than this!

So how much is a done for you, $24,000 grossing product worth?

We were told to offer it for $497 and that anything cheaper than $297 would be giving it away.

After all, if you only sold 12 of copies of it at $27 and didn't get ANY upsale conversions (which won't happen) you'll already be into profits.

That's not a bad investment considering we've invested thousands of dollars and countless hours worth of testing into this funnel.

But first let's address the elephant in the room...

You're probably asking yourself, if we already have thousands of people lined up to buy this product, why don't we just open the doors, sell it ourselves and keep all the products?

Great question!

And there's two reasons...

One, launching products isn't the main focus of our business. Our first WSO happened to do extremely well but we're not here to be "guru" product launchers.

So we've decided to give you the opportunity to capitalize on that (while of course still making some extra money on the side).

Secondly, there's plenty traffic to go around...

...and since this is the season of giving, consider this a 5-figure Christmas gift from the Strong family!

So if you act now while we're in holiday spirit discount mode...

Get instant access and full rights to Video Sales Funnel In A Box today for just $27!
(this price can and will increase without notice)

If you're one of the lucky few to jump on this early, that means all it will take is 2 measly sales to recoup your entire investment - take 2 clickbank affiliate sales to make back what you paid.

Everything after that is pure profit!
Oh and let me be clear about something...

We stand behind our products 100% and if you're ever unsatified with your investment, you have a full 60 days to demand your money back.

So here's my loud and clear, 60-day guarantee...

Get "Video Sales Funnel In A Box" right now and put it to the test. See if this isn't the most valuable, practical, easy-to-use AND impliment funnel on the planet. If it isn't, let us know by email and we'll refund your money. All of it. For up to 60 days. It's that simple.

You have absolutelly nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Finally! After all these years and many disappointing promises that didn't come true, you have "the straight scoop" from someone who is only successful doing it, but superb at showing others to do it as well.

Go ahead and order now... and welcome to the world of profitable Internet marketing!

Personal Rights:

[ can use for your own products sites ]

Developer Rights:

[ can use for your own products sites ]

Developer Rights:

[ can use for your own products sites ]

It doesn't get more low-risk than that!

That should take all of the pressure of you and let you buy with confidence. Don't worry, I'll take the risks here.

Remember you're getting instant access to a proven business that thousands of buyers have been eagerly waiting for.

AND a high-converting sales funnel that you can keep for your own personal (or greedy) use.

We've proved there's a market, and we're arming you everything you need to capitalize on it!

So if you're serious about this, in your best interest to get in EARLY while the market is still hot.

Opportunities like these come and go FAST! Don't be left on the outside regretting not taking advantage of this one sooner.

Scroll up, place order and we've have everything ready for you to rock 'n roll in the buyers area.

I sincerely wish you the best.

Talk to ya on the other side,

P.S. Ever woke up to over 600 "notification of payment received" emails?

P.P.S. Don't forget, this is an entire "Done For You Video Sales Funnel In A Box", from A to Z. Anyone can make this work... even complete newbies! What you're about to get is incredibly powerful... promise me you'll use it for the forces of good!

P.P.P.S. Again, the price is fair and you're fully protected by my iron-clad 60-day money back guarantee. Once you've secured your copy of "Done For You Video Sales Funnel In A Box", you can download it instantly! Click the payment button below to get started on your profitable new sales funnel today...

That feeling is unlike anything!

Hell, it's even scary... My first reaction was I was spammed by some marketer claiming to be PayPal (I know you've seen those emails), just find out it;s a friggin' sales pitch for some new product launch.

I hate that.

But this time, it wasn't.

I was actually sales... And they all came from the same product we're giving you a license to sell for yourself!?

Get you copy while you can. You'll be glad you did.